We have updated the look and format of this web site, so to find the new pages (as well as all the old pages) as of August 25, 2016 please go to www.theideadoor.com


Quick Links to the new site, just to give you a head start :)

Logging on to LDS.ORG


login 1


Next page.......... here you will be asked to enter your log-in info. Once logged in you can lots of stuff, to see some of those things click here: 10 Cool Things You Can Do with an LDS Account if you have not registered scroll down!


membership number 2


 So if you need an account with LDS.Org, grab your membership number.... it can be found on your temple recommend or talk to your ward clerk, if you are a child living with your parents, they can get it for you by logging into their accout ( see here)

membership number 3


Follow the instructions and your will soon have your own LDS.ORg account!

membership number





Getting your child's member number


So once you are logged inyour name will now apprea where it use to say sign in, click on your name, then click on directory.

login 2


The page should open up to your ward info, you should see a list of all your ward members, find your name

login 3


Once you click on your own family name, you should be able to access your childrens info for them. You can also edit your info, change your pictures, change your email etc.


login 4