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Image Resolution -      What is the best file size?

When determining how many pixels you need, it all boils down to how you will be using the photo and what size it will be printed. Here's a handy chart to guide you when determining how many pixels you will need for printing standard size photos on an ink jet printer or through an online printing service.

What is the best resolution for photo gifts?

The table below shows the recommended resolutions for photo gifts and prints.

Print Size/Product Minimum image resolution required
4 x 6 690x460 pixels
5 x 7 805x575 pixels
8 x 8 920x920 pixels
8 x 10 1150x920 pixels
8 x 12 1380x920 pixels
11 x 14 Enlargements 1610x1265 pixels
12 x 12 1380x1380 pixels
12 x 18 Enlargements 2070x1380 pixels
16 x 20 Posters 2300x1840 pixels
20 x 30 Posters 3450x2300 pixels
11 x 14 Collage Posters 1260x990 pixels
12 x 18 Collage Posters 1620x1080 pixels
16 x 20 Collage Posters 1800x1440 pixels
20 x 30 Collage Posters 2700x1800 pixels
Wallet Prints 374x259 pixels
Photo Gifts 900x600 pixels
4¼x6 Postcards 900x600 pixels
Notebooks 480x480 pixels