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How to Antique a image



Here is the FREE way do do this:

Download this free Photo Editing Software - Called Photo Scape



1) When you go to the link above you will get to a page that looks like this.

PS 1



2) Click on the DOWNLOAD tab  at top of page, to go to the download page, then make your choice of where to download it from,

ps 2



3) I picked the first one, clicked download and saved it to my computer

ps 3


4) Save the download (make sure you watch were it is being saved)

ps 4


5)Then clicked on the download and started the installation

ps 5


6) This is the start of the download

ps 6


7) Then it shows up on my Desk top, it looks like this


ps 7


8) Software will open, click on Editor

ps 8


9) Then on the left side pick the image you want to edit (or find your image first, then right click on it and OPEN WITH.... Photoscape

ps 9


10) Here I picked a temple picture

ps 10


11) In the bottom box click on the filter button, and the Antique Photo



12) Then click on nu,mber 7



13) Now you need to lighten it, so click on Bright,Color and go to Brighten and click HIGH, sometimes depending on the image I lighten it more.



14) Then I add a frame, I use CALI 13



15) Then just save it, MAKE SURE YOU "SAVE AS" so it does not replace your original.