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10 Lessons Based on Pres Hinckley's Book "Standing For 

standing for something


1. Love
2. Honesty
3. Morality
4. Civility
5. Learning
6. Forgiveness and Mercy
7. Thrift and Industry
8. Gratitude
9. Optimism
10. Faith

1. Insert “Standing for Something,” title page into front outer binder cover; President Hinckley’s
picture is inserted into the back outer cover.
2. Place 10 title pages into sheet protectors.
3. Some lesson and cardstock pages may need to be cut apart as indicated and placed in sheet
protectors that are holding the chapter title page.
4. Decorate envelope with hearts.
Trace and cut out yellow stars and place magnet on back of star.
With a marker, write the word FAITH on the compressed sponge.
5. Place in chapter title sheet protector:

  • Lesson 1-Decorated envelope, yellow star
  • Lesson 2-Bag of feathers, Mrs. Hinckley’s note, piece of yarn
  • Lesson 3-For the Strength of Youth
  • Lesson 4-3 Balloons, 3 faces, Janet, Takashi, and Martin, spin the bottle slips
  • Lesson 5-Light bulb cards
  • Lesson 6-Piece of string
  • Lesson 7-One for the Money
  • Lesson 8-Family Proclamation
  • Lesson 9-cloud sheet and sun cards
  • Lesson 10-body and armor, Faith sponge, Wallet cards

6. Other items needed:

  • Picture of Christ-Lessons 1, 5, and 9
  • Mouse trap-Lessons 2 & 3
  • Play-doh or Clay dough-Lesson 3
  • Mormon ad-Lesson 3
  • (www.lds.org-New Era, Oct. 1992)
  • Soft drink bottle-Lesson 4
  • Flashlight-Lesson 5
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