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Irinna Danielson graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in print journalism. She is a wife and mother to four beautiful children and serves in her ward Primary in Bluffdale, Utah, teaching the Valiant class.



1. Explore “Conference at a Glance”

When I was little, the first family home evening following general conference always started with the question “What did you learn at conference?” Knowing that that question would come, I always tried to take good notes or remember the gist of at least one story told during conference so that I could report back to my dad.

Now there’s a new resource on LDS.org that takes the pressure off of perfect note-taking. The Conference at a Glance page, which is published during general conference weekend, contains 200-word snippets of each of the talks that were given, focusing on the central message of each. It’s a great tool to jog your memory and jump-start gospel conversations at FHE, especially since it takes a few days for the full text of the talks to be made available online.

2. Make the Messages Visual

I’m a visual learner, so something usually sticks with me longer when there’s a picture to go along with it. My kids are no different.

After last October’s general conference, we made paper boats at FHE to visualize the important principles of holding fast to the gospel as outlined by Elder M. Russell Ballard in his talk, “Stay in the Boat and Hold On!”

My kids loved it. Six months later, my girls still had their boats, and when I asked them what we talked about when we made those paper boats, they both replied, “Stay in the boat,” or stay in the Church.

This time around, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf showed us how powerful an image can be in teaching a lesson when he told the parable of “A Summer with Great-Aunt Rose” during General Women’s Session.  He showed the image of a pioneer girl during his talk, and then shared it on his official Facebook page following the session.

Since then, tens of thousands of people on social media have shared and commented on this image. They remembered the story associated with it. They resonated with its message. And, most importantly, they connected with the gospel truths that were shared. (If you didn’t hear the talk live, watch it here.) Showing this image and other visuals used in general conference talks at FHE is a great way to spur conversation and to help “liken” the stories told by our leaders to our own lives to help make the messages stick.